Today, I Am A Creative Director

And my partner and I are running a big piece of business at a big agency in a big city.



Perhaps I’ll be a creative director again. Or maybe I’ll direct a commercial. Or take a few days off to be with my family. Or perhaps dive into the next iteration of Lemonade: Detroit.

That’s both the joy and the terror of freelancing. Every day is different. Some months¬†are financially solid while others teeter on ruin. Some days are¬†creatively liberating while others choke you out. It’s the rhythm and flow of human experience, as seen through the prism of independent contracting.

But today, I am a creative director. It’s Thanksgiving Eve. And I am happy.


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  1. What you are is awesome. Your work continues to inspire me. I just met someone who grew up in Detroit, and SO looking forward to showing him your film (and blowing his mind in the process.)

    Everyday is a new adventure, good or bad. Welcome to being a misfit, hey?

  2. Thanks, Eric. I’m getting thrust back into the freelance world. Though not my idea, I’m looking at it as an opportunity to get closer to my true purpose. Thanks for being there, sharing your journey. It helps, a lot.

    • You’re so welcome, Joyce. It’s a scary step. Especially when it’s not your choice. But sometimes that’s the only way we ever get there.

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