Always In the Nick of Time

I just accepted a month-long freelance creative director gig. It was a big relief.

You see, I haven’t had any paid work in over a month now. And that means nails that are bitten down to the nubs.

In addition to this project, I’ve been waiting on the green light for a pretty significant directing opportunity. One that, as my producer says, will “make my year.” But that green light has been right around the corner for a long time now and hasn’t materialized.

So I took the gig, which means lots of travel between Austin and New York, lots of time away from my kids, and some stalled momentum on projects that are more of the soul-filling variety and less about the bank account.

Yin and Yang.

I am so thankful for this work. I am so thankful that I am good at making ads. And that I have 15 years of creative experience to fall back on.

My first priority will always be to feed and clothe and provide comfortable shelter to my two beautiful children.


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